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Just a note to say thank you for the training delivered to our team so far by your staff at HHSL. The training and individual attention delivered to our staff can only be described as excellent! The certification level has surpassed the requirements placed on us, strengthened our overwater capabilities, and has raised our Tactical Flight Officers confidence levels in performing their extended overwater flight duties in a safe manner.

Neil Mohammed
Deputy Unit Executive Officer
TFO Training Officer (Air Operations Unit)
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS)


When I discovered my BOSIET certificate was about to expire, I started my research for a training centre OPITO approved, nearby South America.  I am located in Argentina and the closer place to take the training is Brazil, but the training centre there did not offer me a date for the refresh course before the expiry date on my certificate.

So, the second option was Trinidad and Tobago.  I did not know too much about this country and even more, my knowledge about training centers in this beautiful Caribbean island, were very scarce.

After finishing my searching throughout the OPITO web site, I got a couple of options to take my course but I decided to choose HHSL because a colleague ( recommended it to me.  I thought  “A local satisfied customer is the best reference”

HHSL pleasantly surprised me since my first contact with them via email. I received personalized attention.  HHSL provided me clear and comprehensive information, instructions and recommendations not only about the course but also about transportation and accommodation on the island.

Once in the HHSL facilities, the registration process was simple and agile. I immediately noticed the classrooms were well equipped with audio-visual aids and comfortable conditions for attending the lesson.  The instructors are well trained and have the ability to keep students alert all the time and focused on the information provided.

The facilities for practical exercises are very gifted and have all the necessary security systems to ensure the exercises are performed properly.  The simulator for the HUET although smaller than others I know, is sufficient to meet 15 people and control that all participants are safe during exercises.

Not only the professionalism of the instructors left me satisfied but also the familiar and honest way the company’s directors treated me.  I would not hesitate in returning to HHSL.  Last but not least… the lunch (local food) was very tasty.  I enjoyed that.

I am a HHSL’s satisfied foreign customer and sure more are coming !!

Lider SSA Offshore
Pan American Energy
Av Leandro N. Alem 1180
Buenos Aires, Argentina